To promote Amateur Radio and the WIA we've licensed VI103WIA.

If you'd like to operate the VI103WIA call sign which is active during the 2013 WIA AGM and conference you can do so from your QTH or your club station. We welcome operators from around VK, any time of the day or night. You do not need to have a full-call to operate the call sign, though you are required to operate within your own license.

The call sign is intended to promote Amateur Radio and the WIA. Each QSO must be logged electronically and submitted so a QSL card can be sent to the remote station. You're not required to be a member of the WIA to operate the call sign, but we welcome your membership application.

Robert VK3DN is designing the QSL card as we speak, so warm up your radios and have a go.

If you'd like to claim a spot, complete the form and register now.

The call sign is licensed for use on 23 - 27 May 2013.

Finally, if you're an F-call, you too can operate this call sign, so don't be shy, register today.

Made a QSO with us?

Once you've made a QSO with a station operating this call sign, we'll send you a QSL card via the Bureau. Details will be posted here once they are available. We expect to show a running log of QSO's during operation of the call sign.

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